HTTP 404: Not Found

This message indicates that you’re trying to access an index that is not valid in Websolr. The error looks like this:

{"code":404,"message":"Slice not found. It may take a few moments for new clusters to be created. Please contact for further assistance."}

There are a couple reasons you might see this:

  1. Race condition. You or your app may be trying to access an index before it was created. In rare cases, there may be a lag of a few seconds or minutes between the time the index is created, and when its routing information is published to the proxy layer. This should resolve itself in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Typo. You may have misspelled or only partially copy/pasted the name of the index you’re trying to access.
  3. The index has been deleted. Trying to access an index that has been deleted will result in an HTTP 404 response.

The solution to this error message is to confirm that the index is listed in your dashboard, the URL is correct, and that more than a few minutes have passed since it was created.