Migrating From Heroku to Websolr.com

From time to time, customers using Websolr through Heroku decide to leave those services for greener pastures, but they want to keep their existing Websolr indices.

Fortunately, this is not only possible, but it’s also very easy.

How It Works:

  1. Simply sign up for an account at Websolr.com. Make sure to add your billing information! See the documentation on that for more information.
  2. Send an email to support@websolr.com and let us know: A) the email address associated to your new Websolr account, and B) the indices that you want migrated over.
  3. We’ll perform the migration. Your index URLs and all your data will remain intact. You will be billed the monthly rate once that migration is complete.
  4. Once we have confirmed the migration is complete, remove the addon(s) from your Heroku app so you’re not being billed twice!
  5. You can migrate the rest of your application at your convenience. Any index we have migrated will now belong to your Websolr.com account, and can be managed there.

That’s it! Migrations are zero-downtime and usually only take a few minutes once someone on our support team takes the ticket.